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Terms And Conditions

Please, read these submission Terms And Conditions carefully before submitting your ad. By submitting your ad and using EssentialTeam service, you agree.

These ezines have agreed to offer free ads in their newsletter against subscription.
  1. You are required to subscribe to ezines listed in groups for running your ad. Please be clear that this means that you will receive ezines from all the publishers in your chosen Groups.

  2. You will NOT unsubscribe before your ad runs. If you do, your ad will not run, and you will not be reimbursed. The Ezines will not "owe" you an ad.

  3. You will have the option to unsubscribe at any time after your ad has been published.

  4. Publishers must be able to contact you. Keep your email inbox available. Bounced mail is not acceptable. You must provide valid email address. Email address shall not be an autoresponder or email address which pays to read email.

  5. Format of your ad shall be strictly 5 lines and 65 characters per line.

  6. The Publisher has the right to refuse to run your ad should your email bounce.

  7. Some of these publishers have programs like Topica handling their subscriptions - you MUST confirm. If you DON'T confirm to their subscriptions, they are not obligated to run your ad.

  8. It is your responsibility to verify your ad and submit.

  9. Should for any reason you become entangled in any type of disagreement or dispute with any publisher of an Ezine in the EssentialTeam Ad Coop, EssentialTeam and its owner will NOT be held liable for any result, being completely indemnified with your relationship with the other publishers of the Ezines in the EssentialTeam Ad Coop groups.

  10. Following type of ads are not permitted.
Submitting such ads through our network will result in loss of your money and your ad will not run. We strictly follow these guidelines, we will never contact you in such cases.

  • Adult contents
  • Pornography
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Bulk e-mail
  • Get rich quick schemes which includes gambling, casinos, lotto etc.
  • Personal ads "We are not a dating service"
  • Drug content "Alcohol or tobacco"
  • Arms Deals
  • Racist
EssentialTeam or its staff will not be responsible for incorrect ad submission or providing invalid email address. Your money will not be refunded for incorrect submissions.

However, in case you are not able to submit through online form (server failure, disconnection etc.), we will provide a link for you to resubmit.

By placing your ad, you are stating that you have read and fully agree to all of the terms herein. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please do not submit your ad.

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  1. When an ad is placed in your group, you will receive an email from me, giving you details of the subscriber's email address and their ad for insertion in your ezine. (Your email address will not be given out to advertisers or anyone)

  2. All ads to be acknowledged to advertiser within 48 hrs, advising when the ad will run.

  3. All advertisers to be subscribed to your Ezine by you.

  4. Advertisers wishing to be unsubscribed must be unsubscribed by you, using the 'unsubscribe' instructions in your ezine. However, if this is before their ad has run you have the right to cancel the ad.

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