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EssentialTeam Ezine Ad Coop

If you are an ezine publisher you can increase your subscriber list by offering a Free 5 line Ad. Your chance to put the task of building your subscriber list into autopilot, immediately boost your subscription rate and get more traffic to your website. You then end up with a list full of customers who have already proven they purchase advertising online, and read ezines.

EssentialTeam can help you to increase your Ezine circulation and customer base.


Hello Javed,

James Andrews here and I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.

Thanks for helping us grow the Oyesucan Ezine to more than 40,000 subscribers. You've helped us become one of the most popular e-marketing ezines on the Internet.

I have to say, the quality of subscribers I've received via Essentialteam Ezine Ad Co-op and Network have been excellent. Not one removal to date.

Keep up the Great work!

Please feel free to use this email on your website, as I have no problem letting the other publishers know of the excellent service you provide.

Thanks again,

James Andrews


All ezine publishers must have their own web site and publish their ezine on the internet through e-mail.

Please read the following Benefits and Responsibilities of Ezine Publishers:

  • This Service is absolutely Free for Publishers
  • Increase your Subscribers database
  • These New Subscribers can be potential Customers for your own Services or Products!
  • We list your Ezine and you will get free your site exposure
  • 50% commissions on referral Sale
  • Publisher's will Get Discounts on their Ads
  • Monthly Free Bonuses and lot more

  • Your ezine must be family friendly. No adult or illegal content allowed
  • You must accept 1 Free ad
  • Add the New Subscriber to Your Database
  • Send a "Welcome" Letter Within 48 hours after receiving Ad
  • Tell the Advertiser When the Ad will be published
  • We understand that you may be backlogged with ads, but each advertiser is a potential customer for you, so treat each subscriber respectfully.
  • They are not obligated to remain a subscriber after their ad is run.
  • We do occasionally get repeat orders. These advertiser's ad must be run even if they already subscribe to your ezine.
  • You must provide us with a valid email address to send subscribers to you as well as updates
If you would like to become part of a winning team then this program is for you and we invite you to become part of an EssentialTeam.

Please click the link below now and join EssentialTeam Ad Coop!